About of Satya Brata Shaw

President of Shaw Tax Advisory Group

For quality services and excellence in every way, it’s Mr. Satya Brata Shaw, the CPA you can trust. You can depend on Mr. Satya Brata Shaw to have the right education, licenses and registrations to deal with your investment needs with professionalism. For almost any kind of accounting service or investment product, this is the place to turn for expert advice when you need it. Succeed beyond your wildest dreams when you put your financial matters in these capable hands.

Whenever possible, a comprehensive approach to finances is best. This is an overall program designed by one accountant or financial planner who takes into account your needs for insurance, CPA services, tax planning and related legal needs and creates a portfolio designed with your specific needs in mind. This kind of comprehensive, overarching approach that’s proven to work is a specialty of Mr. Satya Brata Shaw.

Specific services available individually or as part of a comprehensive plan include

Lifestyle Planning

Legacy Planning

Estate Planning


Tax Minimization Strategies

Asset Protection

Risk Management

Hospitality Ind Financial Services

high-end private client services

Proud to receive excellent reviews from his past clients and proudly serving a small, curated collection of carefully chosen clients today, Mr. Satya Brata Shaw has openings available now and may be able to take you on as a new client. This is a unique opportunity to connect with one of the best in the industry for CPA and financial services.

There is much more to accounting than filling out the right forms – and much more to investment than buying and selling at the right time. Put an expert by your side and benefit every day from services you can’t get just anywhere. Put Mr. Satya Brata Shaw by your side and you can’t go wrong.