Welcome To Satya Brata Shaw

President of Shaw Tax Advisory Group

Mr. Satya Brata Shaw understands that the hospitality businesses faces unique challenges, and special precautions and actions are necessary for businesses owners to be competitive and successful in the highly competitive field.

Issues including high employee turnover, pressing seasonal expectations, expensive energy and food costs and many others can easily derail businesses that are ill-prepared for them. Mr. Satya Brata Shaw is an expert in accounting, financial advising and tax planning and can help ensure that any business owner with which he works will achieve greater success in the hotel industry.

Services available to resort, hotel and motel owners from Mr. Satya Brata Shaw include:

  • Tax planning and preparation
  • General small business accounting
  • Shortage prevention policies
  • Payroll services
  • Sales tax assistance
  • Expense and cash flow analysis
  • Labor, accommodations, bar and menu pricing assistance
  • And more.


Mr. Satya Brata Shaw has the necessary education, registrations and licenses to handle just about any kind of hotel financial planning, accounting or related issues for you – at a fair rate that may be lower than the rate quoted by other similar businesses. Because he keeps is overhead low and works from a small office rather than a grand one, he can help you save money and get the most from your resources as well.

There’s nothing simple about the hospitality business, but it can be easier than you ever imaged when you support your hard work with financial and accounting services from Mr. Satya Brata Shaw, a trusted professional in the field with years of experience that he’s ready to put to work for you.

There’s no better time to move forward and ease your burden. Contact Mr. Satya Brata Shaw to learn more about the services available to hotel owners and others – and to meet with him and experience his good nature, professionalism and knowledge of the hotel industry for yourself.